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The following is an article I wrote about visiting a restaurant and the Thai I used. The sound in the first column is for women (add "kaa" to end of sentences to be polite. The second column is for men as "krap" is used instead.

How to Order at a Restaurant

As you enter a restaurant, a waiter usually comes up to you quite quickly and asks gee tee krap. Basically he is asking how many seats. I think most of the time it is really obvious how many people are in your party but they always go through this routine. Today I just replied by saying song tee meaning a table for two persons. So, he took us to one with four settings. We sat down and he gave us each a menu. In the event that you seated yourselves, you can ask to see a menu by saying kor doo meh-no. They use the same word we do for menu, but you just have to learn to pronounce it differently. If the waiter stays with you, he might say ja rap a-rai dee krap meaning what would you like to order. (He might say ja sung a-rai instead). However, if he has walked away, attract his attention and say sung aa-haan krap.

gee tee how many seats?
ͧ song tee two seats
ʹ kor doo may-noo can I see the menu?
Ѻô ja rap a-rai dee what would you like to order?
ja sang a-rai what would you like to order?
дô ja deum a-rai dee what would you like to drink ?
sang aa-haan I would like to order

I have my old favourites which I like eating when I go out. However, it is always nice to try something new. Try asking the waiter what the cooks specials areby saying mee aa-haan nae-nam a-rai baang krap (or make it simpler by just sayingmee a-rai a-roi baang krap ).

ºҧ mee a-rai a-roi baang What is there that is delicious ?
йúҧ mee a-haan nae-nam a-rai baang What do you recommend ?

Before you order the food, they usually ask you want drinks you would like by saying "ja deum a-rai dee krap". Most restaurant have some beautiful beer girls with the names of the beer they are promoting across their blouses. The Tiger girl came up to us at this restaurant. I asked if there was any draught beer by saying mee bia sot mai. Actually, sot is a useful food term for you to remember. It means fresh. She looked disappointed because the only draught beer they had was Singha Beer (dont forget to call it bia sing in Thai). As I have mentioned before, Thai people like putting ice in their beer. If you are like me and dont like Hush Puppy Beer (and yes some Thai people do drink beer with a straw) then just tell them to leave out the ice by saying mai aow naam kaeng. Oh, as not everyone drinks beer, you have to tell them how many glasses.

ʴ mee bia sot mai do you have draught beer ?
ԧ bia sing Singha Beer
ҹ mai ao naam kaeng I don ' t want any ice
ͧ gaew song bai two glasses

The only thing left now was for us to order the rice. It wont automatically come with your meal. There was only two of us so we decided to order two plates of plain rice by saying kao bplao song jaan. This cost 10 baht per plate. However, we could have ordered a big bowl for 40 baht. For this, we needed to say kao bplao neung toh. I think that was about all of the Thai I used with the waiter today. Oh yes, one more thing. I did ask for an empty plate for all the discarded pieces of food. Remember that plain rice was kao bplao? Well, a plain plate is then jaan bplao! So, just say kor jaan bplao neung bai. When we had finished this fine meal, I asked for the bill by saying chek bin.

2 ҹ kaao bplao 2 jaan two plates of plain rice
˹ ( 1 ) kaao bplao neung ( 1 ) toh one bowl of plain rice
ҹ jaan bplao empty plate
ͨҹ 1 kor jaan bplao 1 bai can I have one empty plate ?
chek bin the bill


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