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The following are some curry dishes you might see on the menu.

gang gari
Yellow Curry with Chicken
massaman Massaman Curry
ᡧǿѡ gaeng kua fak Chicken and Wax Gourd curry
Ѵ gai pat pong gari
Stir-fried Chicken with Curry Powder
gaeng som Sour Curry
ᡧҹ gaeng kieow waan Green Sweet Hot Curry with Meat
ᡧҧ gaeng pet bpet yaang Red Hot Curry with Roast Duck
pa-naeng moo Panaeng Curry with pork
ᡧ䵻 gaeng dtai bplaa Southern Style Curry with Fish and Vegetables
gaeng neua Red Curry with Coconut Milk and Beef
gaeng pet Hot, Spicy, Red Curry with Coconut Milk
ᡧ§ gaeng liang Yellow-ish Curry with Vegetables
gaeng bpaa Clear Soup Curry with Vegetables and Pork
ᡧѺô gaeng kua sap-bpa-rot Pineapple Curry
ᡧ˹ gaeng nor maai Bamboo Shoot Curry
ᡧѧ gaeng hang-lay Chiang Mai Curry
gaeng om ma-ra Bitter Melon Curry
ᡧ˹ gaeng pet gai sai nor maai Chicken and Bamboo Shoot in Red Curry
ᡧҹѴ gaeng kieow waan pat haeng Green Dry Curry