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The following are some fruits you might see on the menu.

gluay banana
lam-yai longan
ѧش mang koot mangosteen
¹ too rian durian
Ѻô sap-bpa-rot pineapple
ǧ ma-muang mango
ngor rambutan
о ma-praao coconut
Т ma-kaam tamarind
som-oh pomelo-large
ع ka-noon jackfruit
С ma-la-gor papaya
som mandarin
fa-rang guava
chom poo rose-apple-small
saa-lee pear
dtaeng moh watermelon
˹ noi-naa custard-apple
ش la moot sapodilla-small
Т ma-kaam-tet camachile fruit
Ѻ tap tim pomegranate
ͧ ma-feuang starfruit
dtaeng tai kind of honeymelon
١ look dtaal palmfruit
ʵ so tror ber ree strawberry
ط poot-saa green plum
lin jee lychee fruit
ma-yom goose berry
ͧ a-ngoon grape

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