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The following are some rice dishes you might see on the menu.

Ǥءл khao kluk kapi
Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste
ѹ khao mun gai Chinese Chicken Rice
khao mok gai Chicken with Yellow Rice
johk Rice Porridge with Pork
˹ kaao naa bpet Roast Duck over Rice
kaao moo daeng Red Pork over Rice
ǼѴ kaao pat Fried Rice
Ǣ kaao kaa moo Pork Leg with Rice
ǼѴѺ kaao pat ga prao moo sap Mince Pork with Basil on Rice
ǼѴͧ kaao pat ga prao kreuang nai gai Chicken Organs with Basil Paste on Rice
ǼѴԡᡧ kaao pat prik gaeng Red Curry with Meat on Rice
ǼѴ١ kaao pat moo goong Pork and Prawn Fried Rice
Ҵ˹ kaao raat naa gai Rice with Chicken in Gravy
ͺع§ kaao op goon-chiang Rice Cook with Chinese Sausages
ǼѴ˹ kaao pat naem Fried Rice with Sour Pork
ǼѴع§ kaao pat goon-chiang Fried Rice with Chinese Sausages
ǼѴ kaao pat dtom yam Fried Rice with Lemongrass
ٷʹԡ kaao moo tot gra-tiam prik tai Pork fried with Garlic and Pepper on Rice